Notice Regarding Notifiable Substances - Omnia Nutriology - Viljoenskroon


We have received a notice from Omnia regarding the storage of notifiable substances. The notice and emergency plan can be viewed here.

Recap of the emergency plan

We have an Emergency plan in place and the updated version has been communicated to the relevant authorities. All Employees are trained in the contents of the updated plan and regular evacuation drills are practiced. The emergency alarm is tested every Monday at 17h00. A meeting was conducted with emergency services on the 15th of November 2011 to discuss emergency response in the unlikely event of an accidental release. In case of an emergency release, the alarm will sound and advise you to please follow these steps:

• Get indoors and out of the direction that the wind is blowing in.
• Close all windows and doors.
• Switch off the air conditioner.
• Always have water and a piece of cloth close by.
• Wet the cloth and keep it over your face, if you smell ammonia.
• Wait for our instructions.
• Call us should you have any queries/problems/questions.

Emergency Numbers

Omnia Fertilizer
Mr. Hennie Greeff - Manager 056 343 2502

Emergency Services
Hospital 0563433311/5/6/7 (Pax CHC)
South African Police Services 0726013010 / 0842562451/0563432333
Ambulance 10177 / 0825535400 0834473454/ 0514076000
Fire Kroonstad 056 2169111
Rapid Spill 0800 172 743 or 082 775 3305

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